Mama’s little baby loves short’nin bread

When I think shortbread, I think Christmas. Every year, my maternal grandmother – or Gran, as we called her – would transform brick after brick of butter into crispy shortbread moons, stars and trees or, alternatively, crinkle-edged rounds with slivers of green and red glazed cherries pressed gently into their tops.

Each tin of shortbread was given with an admonishment to the recipient to store and serve the shortbread separately from other Christmas goodies in order to keep it crunchy, as well as an assurance that it would keep forever. (The latter was really put to the test when, one year, my mom came across a few pieces tucked away from the Christmas past. Suffice to say, while the shortbread does keep a long time, forever might be a stretch.)

Being mid-late September as it is, I realize that Christmas is hardly just around the corner. But, after tasting an amazing piece of savoury cheddar shortbread from Thyme & Again a few weeks back, I’ve had shortbread on the brain. So, when I came across a post on ToastPoint for Rosemary Ginger Shortbread with Chocolate Ganache, I knew I’d found my next baking project.

In short, I’m hooked. Much to my initial disbelief, ginger and rosemary make fantastic partners in crime, especially when mixed with lots of butter and sugar and coated in pucker-inducing chocolate.

Next time, I’ll chop the ginger a bit more coarsely and either bake the shortbread a bit longer or try a crunchier recipe. I think a good snap to the cookie would really seal the deal. I’m also envisioning other sweet-savoury shortbread possibilities (e.g., lemon and thyme, toasted coconut and curry). Mmmm.