Leaving on a jet plane

Dear Reader:

As of last week, I am on leave from my day job as an economist and preparing for a bit of an adventure. In just over one week, R. and I will bid farewell to our Ottawa abode and take flight. After quick visits with family, we're off to South America for a vacation and then on to France to live (and hopefully work) for a year. The plane tickets are purchased and the paperwork is in order; all that's left to be done is pack pack pack.

So, as the contents of my cupboards dwindle and I ponder what kind of meal can be concocted with blackened bananas, two half-used jars of peanut butter, some semi-frostbitten sheets of phyllo pastry and a green pepper, I'll bid blogging adieu for awhile and leave you to your own baking devices.

Look for my official return once we've settled in France (in April-ish), although those who peek back from time to time before then just may find some ad hoc posts in the meantime.

You haven't seen the last of me. Cross my heart.

The Casual Baker