A Euro For Your Thoughts On The French Macaron

You can’t live in Paris, have a blog dedicated to sweets and not discuss the macaron. It’s like living in Ottawa and failing to mention maple syrup, or something even more sinister that escapes me.

For me –- and I think I speak for many North Americans here –- the word macaroon conjures up small stacks of sugared, shredded coconut. Always incredibly sweet, sometimes rather dry, and often altogether forgettable. So, while I enjoy coconut and its valuable contribution to a number of desserts, I can’t profess a particularly strong attachment to this simple confection.

The French macaron, however, is an entirely different beast, one for which I am quickly developing a fondness. A macaron is in fact a cookiewich: two delicate almond discs with a thin filling -- most often buttercream, but sometimes ganache (for the chocolate ones, primarily) or jam (think fruity, like framboise) -- peeking through.

To begin with, maracrons are visually appealing: neat, tidy and symmetrical in their construction with matching fillings and caps available in a range of colours/flavours. Plus, as if looking good weren’t enough, each bite reveals a surprisingly complex combination of textures and tastes. The initial crunch of the wafer gives way to a chewy interior. As your teeth sink further into the fragrant nut crumb, your tongue meets the smooth and flavourful filling. Sealing the deal in more ways than one.

At 1€ for a mini and 2.50€ for a full-size macaron, these beauties are worth every pretty penny.

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