Blondies for brunettes

Right before we left on our grand adventure, my good friend D -- a fellow blogger, frequent commenter on The Casual Baker, and (I suspect) a bit of a blog addict in general -- passed along a link to one of her favourite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen.

Stumbling upon an established food blog is like hitting a gold mine, with weeks, months and sometimes even years of historical posts ready and waiting. I always begin with good intentions: "Oh, I'll just read the most recent entries and then slowly make my way back in time over a few weeks. A few old posts here and there, on the days when my habitual food blog circuit comes up a little short on content."

But, almost without fail, something on one of the side panels (a category title or a randomly selected recipe) catches my eye and good intentions fly out the window with self control in hot pursuit. Before I know it, I'm clicking through recipe after recipe, pictures blurring into one other, ravenously exploring every inch in only the most superficial way.

It was in the midst of this latter phase that I came across a recipe for blondies and found myself sufficiently inspired to stop the insanity and get baking. The formula for blondies is simple. Take the dense texture of a brownie, subtract the chocolate, and add a rich butterscotch flavour (usually the product of brown sugar, butter and fragrant vanilla).

Bake. Cool. Cut. Eat. Repeat.

Best enjoyed with your favourite brunette.

Source: Based on a recipe posted on Smitten Kitchen, 25 November 2006.

Note: Would be delicious, I imagine, with a generous handful of butterscotch chips.