Bits and bites of Marseille

Home baking was at a minimum this past weekend, after a whirlwind trip south to Marseille to enjoy the sun and heat we've been so dearly missing here in Paris. Naturally, Summer made a conspicuous appearance here in our absence, but such is life.

A few tidbits from the travel journal to tide you over while I get my kitchen groove back on.

Boats lining the Vieux Port in Marseille

Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde, built between 1853 and 1864 on the site of a 13th century chapel

The last few bites of raspberry and pistachio macarons, enjoyed clandestinely in an upstairs corner of an air-conditioned Quick Burger after a rough ride in my purse.

The only evidence of our visit to La Chocolatière du Panier, where we snagged a praline-filled rocher (pictured), un petit sac of mixed caramels (vanilla, chocolate and salted) and a wedge of white chocolate laced with ground hazelnuts and toasted coconut.

Photos: All the work of R.

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