Moving up in the world

I've upgraded. Sort of.

From un four éléctrique to...

A Frigidaire, no less.
Any antique enthusiasts out there? I'm putting my money on the late 1960s.

I thought gas ranges were all the rage.
Check out the size of those burner coils. Who needs gas with that kind of power.

Numerical temperature dials?
Let's stick to the basics with Simmer, Low, Med. Low, Med. High and High. Surely you can find what you need somewhere in there.

It's so small. What if you want to make a jelly roll?
Interesting fact: though very narrow from left to right, the oven easily fits a jelly roll pan or large cookie sheet from front to back.

Best of all, there's no flashy digital this and that. After all, who really needs another clock in the kitchen?

I sure don't.