The perfect food

I once proclaimed nougat to be the perfect food and I stand firmly behind that assertion to this day.

Sugar bumps into Egg White, who has been waiting patiently on the counter, and the two whip themselves into a frenzied state. Just when things couldn't get much stickier, Butter arrives in the nick of time to smooth things over. Toasted Nuts is in hot pursuit and wastes no time jumping into the mix, lending some gravitas to an otherwise lighthearted affair.

Notes: Next time, I'll invest in some edible rice paper. Not only is it supercool, it would have been superuseful in preventing my little nougat squares from gluing themselves to their little friends, the counter, my fingers and anywhere else I was silly enough to leave them for more than a second.

Source: Anna Olson's TV show called "Sugar". Recipe available on Food Network Canada.