No pain, no gain.

"Who thought this was a good idea again?" I say, one hand wiping the sweat from my brow, one blindly tossing rings of dough into a steaming pot of water, and one (a third?) rolling the freshly boiled bagels in the seed of their choosing. Well, my choosing really.

"Not me," says R. as he flips to page 2 of the Globe's weekend Review section. "Definitely not me."

Kitty B. Cat stretches lazily under the kitchen table and meows in agreement.

As I open the oven door, a puff of 450-degree air escapes into the room, momentarily spiking the ambient temperature from borderline to unbearable.

Cat hightails it for the bedroom.
Husband and baker heave a collective sigh.

Source: Montreal bagels posted over at Seven Spoons.

Note: Best not made during a heat wave, when temperatures run high and patience runs low.