Concord grape focaccia

I imagine you're wondering how I came to make concord grape focaccia. I don't blame you. Quite frankly, the concept is sort of weird, especially when you think about it too long and hard. So let's not.

Instead, let's talk about how lovely and sticky the dough was, how it puffed up and stretched out to fill an entire cookie sheet. Let's reflect on the sweetness of the bread and how the concord grapes transformed into jelly in the oven. Finally let's acknowledge the fact that Concord Grape Focaccia is good for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner (not to mention pre-bed snack).

Notes: I actually baked this a few weeks ago. After reading the experiences of others online, I decided to leave the seeds in the grapes. More than one person hinted that to do otherwise was terribly messy and more trouble than anything. That being said, you have to like some crunch in your focaccia bread (or not mind picking at your food like you're 5 years old). As someone who spent most of her childhood culling the diced onion, beans and green peppers from her chili (leaving what, exactly?), I had no problem.

Source: Inspired by Fanny's Blueberry Focaccia over at Foodbeam.

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