There's still hope.

I was considering titling this post spiraling out of control, but then thought better of it. Kind of negative sounding, and misleading too.

It's true that it's a busy time of year. There are out-of-town friends passing through for a visit and we're leaving town ourselves for the holidays. There's also a strong possibility that I've bitten off a few more projects that I can comfortably chew. In fact, I'm working through a rather large mouthful in another window right now (God bless open apple + tab).

Fortunately there's also...

...sweet 'n spicy pretzels and rosemary raisin pecan crisps

...nanaimo bars and shortbread

...clodhoppers and ginger caramels

...and (I hope) some sour cream twists on one of those holiday mornings in my not-too-distant future.

Speaking of hope, please head on over to Chez Pim to learn more about this year's Menu for Hope, which runs December 14-25.

Until next year,

The Casual Baker