3 reasons to make zucchini cake with lemon glaze (even though you're not sure about the name)

1. You get to bake it in a bundt pan, which is fun to say.

(According to the talking dictionary online, it's pronounced BUNdt, but I prefer BOONdt. Try it out loud. See what I mean?)

2. It not only looks like a huge doughnut, it kind of tastes like one too. A big, glazed old-fashioned cake doughnut.

(That's a hyphen-free doughnut with an ugh. Just the spelling, not the sentiment.)

3. There's a crunchy citrus icing on the outside that keeps the little green zucchini flecks on the inside safe and sound and the opposite of dry.

(I thought moist was an unfortunate sounding word, then I saw Lexpedia's suggested synonyms. Let's stick with un-dry.)

Source: DavidLebovitz.com