Pop tarts

I was a late arrival on the pop tart scene, my first being a frosted "strawberry" at the ripe old age of 21. That package of pop tarts traveled the length of the country—from Vancouver to Halifax—alongside a vacuum-sealed packet of udon noodles eerily reminiscent of a human brain (on pop tarts?). I had just started grad school at Dalhousie and the foodstuffs were part of a care package from my sister-in-law.

Having never had a pop tart before and reflecting back on past first tastes of these sorts of "treats" (Twinkies, I'm looking at you), I recall not being particularly enthused. But it seemed wasteful not to eat them, and an even worse idea to give them to my messy, and therefore undeserving, roommate (Sorry L., if you're reading).

In the end, I took one for the team and powered through that entire package in several days. I stopped there though because store-bought pop tarts are hella sweet y'all. You won't have the same problem with these, although that opens up a whole other can of worms. Let's focus on one problem at a time though, shall we?

Source: Head over to Chez Pim for all the details. If you're looking for something special to fill your pop tarts, check out her Etsy shop for artisan jams and marmalades.

Notes: For the record, I did jam one of these in my upright toaster and lived to eat it. If setting off smoke detectors is not your style, however, stick with the oven or toaster oven. And if it's not a pop tart without icing for you, by all means be my guest.

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