So long, and thanks for (eating) all the...
coffee cake*

When I started baking for Kafka's Coffee & Tea last summer, I wasn't sure what to expect.

What I got was...

...a chance to share my sweets with strangers.

...weekday conversations with real people.**

...a lot of amazing macchiatos.

But I also noticed that:

...instead of scaling back on copywriting work, I was writing all day and then baking a few evenings a week—sometimes into the night.

...I lacked the time and interest to experiment in the kitchen.

...R. and his work colleagues were going hungry and my poor little blog was suffering.

All that to say, it's been a slice, but I'm saying so long to baking for business (at least for now). Thanks to all who came for the coffee cake. I hope you'll keep heading to Kafka's for the coffee and keep visiting here to see what I'm cooking up next.

The Casual Baker

p.s. I'll be baking for the café until the end of April, so you still have time to squeeze in a hello and one last slice!

* A weak reference to a solid book.

** Don't laugh until you've freelanced full-time from home for an almost entirely foreign roster of clients. Still think I'm crazy? Fair enough.