Speculoo rhubarb verrines

Hey there. How's the rhubarb compote coming along? Are you ready for dessert yet? Me too. Let's make that happen.

Speculoo Rhubarb Verrines
~1/2 cup rhubarb compote
3-4 Speculoos, crushed
125 grams fromage blanc (or Greek yogurt)

First, locate a clear vessel. It could be an ordinary drinking glass (like I've used here), a champagne flute, a wine glass, a custard bowl—anything that is tall enough to show off your layers and small enough to hold a reasonable portion.

Spoon half of the rhubarb compote into the bottom, followed by half of the fromage blanc. Make sure each layer goes right to the edges. Now sprinkle half of the Speculoo crumbs on top of the fromage blanc. Repeat all three layers in the same order. Et voilà, a Speculoo rhubarb verrine.

Serves 1. Multiply as needed.
Source: The Casual Baker.