One hit wonder

We've got a problem in the Starbott household: a seriously unsustainable chocolate chip cookie habit. Ever the attentive wife, I frequently check in with R. to see what he's craving or interested in tasting. Lately, it's just chocolate chip cookies. No matter what I suggest and how many different options I propose, the response is an upturned nose. I've taken to mixing up a smallish batch of batter every week or two and then baking off a few cookies each evening for immediate consumption or next day's lunch.

All good so far, right? What's wrong with fresh chocolate chip cookies on demand? Well some of us *ahem* have baking blogs that require regular updating with new recipes (not the same old chocolate chip cookie recipe again and again, however delectable).

This week, when I got the call for chocolate chip cookies, I simply smiled, accepted my fate and retreated to the kitchen laboratory. Several recipes*, one hearty muhahaha and a fistful of toasted coconut later, I ended up with this coconut variation. They're crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside like the original, but the toasted coconut adds a certain je ne sais quoi. I think it's chew.

If I had known this first taste would be my last, I may have savoured them just a little bit more. I have no recollection of the final mix of ingredients, you see. My trusty notepad was just out of reach during experimentation and, afterwards, I was convinced my non-existent photographic memory would carry me through to the blog post. Alas, a one hit wonder is all these Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies were meant to be.

* Basically I opened up all of my cookbooks to their chocolate chip cookie recipe and did an unscientific eyeball comparison. It's amazing how nearly identical ingredients can be combined to produce such wide-ranging results. Tiny differences in the relative quantities of ingredients, the type(s) of sugar used and the method of preparation have far-reaching consequences for the finished cookie. From thin and crispy to thick and cakey, and everything in between.