Strawberry tonic

This past Sunday, I hosted a little book swap for a gaggle of girls—a mix of real life friends and online acquaintances looking to trade in their discards for new summer reads. One (wo)man's trash, another (wo)man's treasure, and all that.

Snacking on coffee cake and raspberry chocolate tarts, we clinked glasses of strawberry tonic to a summer of reading.

Strawberry Tonic
Less a recipe, than an idea.

Blend a cup or so of strawberries with a splash of orange juice and sugar to taste. You'll end up with a thick, frothy sauce that screams summer.

Stop here, and you have a delicious syrup substitute for your banana pancakes.

Now toss a few ice cubes in a glass, add a scoop of berry puree and top with tonic water for a refreshing strawberry tonic.

Why stop there. Take your strawberry tonic from afternoon refreshment to evening apéritif with a splash of gin.

Source: Inspired by Annie's Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade, which I do hope to try.